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General information about Recurring Automatic Payments

PayPAMS offers two payment options to replenish your account

• One-time/single online payments

• Recurring automatic payments based on low balance

1. Your PayPAMS account default is set to accept one-time/single online payments.

2. With automatic payments you don’t need to remember to replenish your child’s lunch account. Once the automatic payment plan is set up, when your child’s account balance falls below the low balance amount, PayPAMS will charge your credit card and add the money to your child’s meal account balance

3. PayPAMS will trigger an automatic payment based upon the student’s balance at the school. The schools send an update to PayPAMS once a day.

4. To change your settings to automatic payments, click on Edit next to your child’s name.

5. Automatic Payments Trigger: PayPAMS recommends triggering automatic payments when the student meal account balance falls below $10.00. Having a lower "minimum balance" when setting up Automatic Payments may not allow enough time to replenish your child's account. For example: your child’s account balance may fall from $9.00 one day to $3.00 the next day.

6. You can setup an automatic payment plan for one child only or for all children on the account.

7. You can set up a Stop Date for when the automatic payment plan should stop. However, please be advised if the automatic payment plan was stopped and your child is still attending school, you will need to reset the Stop Date or make a one-time/single payment.

8. Email confirmation: If you sign up for Automatic Payments, you will receive payment confirmation via email that will include the child’s balance.

9. Payment Failure: if your payment was declined, PayPAMS will send you an email informing you that you need to verify your billing information on PayPAMS. If information is correct, contact the issuing credit card company for further information. PayPAMS will attempt to trigger another automatic payment within 24 hours.