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Making Payments

Is PayPal available for my school district?
We are currently in the setup phase with PayPal for most districts. Once your di... more
Can I view a summary of all payments made on PayPAMS.com?
Yes. Login to www.paypams.com, click ‘Payment History’ from the ‘My Account Sett... more
My balance is marked in RED indicating that a recent payment is pending?
Student Meal Account Balances are usually updated by the cafeteria by the end of... more
My payment did not go through.
If your payment was not successful, verify all billing information is correct. I... more
How long will it take for my payment to reach the school?
Payments made will be available within 1-2 school days at the school cafeteria. ... more
Are there any costs for this service?
Any fee charges will be displayed during the registration and payment process. T... more
General information about Recurring Automatic Payments
PayPAMS offers two payment options to replenish your account • One-time/single ... more
Is my credit/debit card and bank information secure on the Internet?
Yes. www.paypams.com is a secure site which provides full protection of your per... more
Can I use more than one credit card?
Yes. You can keep more than one credit card on file and choose which one to use ... more
General Information about Payments
1. When a payment is processed, a confirmation number will be displayed and an e... more
How do set up automatic payments?
If you would like to set up automatic payments. Please login to your PayPAMS acc... more
How do I make a payment?
To submit a payment, please login to your PayPAMS account: a. Click on ‘Pay Now... more
How do I remove my credit card from PayPAMS?
Please log into your PayPAMS account. Click 'Credit Card/ Billing Profile.' Then... more
How do I edit my credit card on PayPAMS?
Please log into your PayPAMS account. Click 'Credit Card/Billing Profile'. Then ... more