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General Information about Payments

1. When a payment is processed, a confirmation number will be displayed and an email will be sent verifying that the payment was processed. If a confirmation number is not displayed, the payment was not processed.

2. It takes 1-2 school days for your payment to replenish the student’s account at the school cafeteria. Your balance on PayPAMS website will reflect your recent payment only after the school cafeteria confirms receipt of payment.

3. Declined Payments: If your payment is declined, verify that all billing information is correct. If all information is correct and payment is still declined, contact the issuing credit card company for further information. Reasons a card can be declined: insufficient credit/funds in account, incorrect billing information entered, updated credit card number, updated expiration date.

4. If the payment amount field shows {*} and your child is still enrolled at the school, email support@paypams.com.