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Account Balance

My child has changed schools within the same school district. What happens to the balance?
Student transfers to schools within the same school district will have their mea... more
How do I receive a refund?
To obtain any remaining funds from your balance, please contact your district's ... more
How do I transfer funds between students?
To transfer funds between students, please contact your district's child nutriti... more
My child has changed school districts. What will happen to the balance?
PayPAMS is unable to transfer cafeteria balances between districts. In order to ... more
How do I set up automatic payments?
If you would like to set up automatic payments. Please login to your PayPAMS acc... more
How do I edit my credit card on PayPAMS?
Please log into your PayPAMS account. Click 'Credit Card/Billing Profile.' Then ... more
How do I remove my account from the PayPAMS?
To remove your account from PayPAMS. Please contact PayPAMS Customer Support by ... more
I am a teacher/staff member with a meal account balance at the school. Can I add myself to PayPAMS?
To add your meal account online, please contact your district's food service dep... more
How do I remove a student from my PayPAMS account?
To remove a student from your PayPAMS account. Please log in to your PayPAMS acc... more
How do I add a student to my PayPAMS account?
Please log in to your PayPAMS account, click 'add/remove student' on the main me... more
What will happen at the end of the school year with the student's balance?
Any remaining student meal account balance will automatically transfer to the ne... more
Student changed schools
If your child moved from one school to another within the same school district, ... more
How can I view my child's account balance?
To view your account balance, login to your account and click 'Account Balance'. more
General information about Meal Account Balances
1. Meal accounts are maintained at the school cafeteria. PayPAMS offers an optio... more