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General information about Email Notifications

PayPAMS offers email notifications when your child’s account balance reaches a pre-defined amount.

1. Email Notifications Trigger: PAMS recommends triggering low balance email notifications when the student meal account balance falls below $12.00. Having a lower "minimum balance" when setting up email reminders may not allow enough time to replenish your child's account. For example: your child’s account balance may fall from $9.00 one day to $3.00 the next day.

2. Email Notifications: If you setup to receive low balance email notifications, please check if your email address is correct by clicking 'Update Profile' in 'My Account Settings' drop down menu. Please make sure you do not filter out emails from PayPAMS by adding customerservice@paypams.com to your safe list of incoming emails.

3. To stop email notifications click ‘Stop’ next to the student’s name.

4. You can edit/cancel your email notification settings at any time.

5. There is no cost to sign up for low balance Email notifications.