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What are local adjustments?
Local adjustments are adjustments done at the school's cafeteria. If you have qu... more
How can I apply for Free and Reduced meals?
Please visit https://paypams.com/OnlineApp to see if online applications are ava... more
How do I receive a statement of all cafeteria purchases?
For a full detailed list of cafeteria purchases, please contact your school's ca... more
Why do I see purchases that my child did not buy?
PayPAMS is a separate company from your school's cafeteria. For further assistan... more
How do I view cafeteria purchases?
Please log into your PayPAMS account. Click 'cafeteria purchases' to view your s... more
How do I restrict or add a spending limit to my child's account?
PayPAMS is a separate company from your school's cafeteria. For specific questio... more
How do I view the cafeteria menu?
To view the school's cafeteria menu online. Please log in to your PayPAMS accoun... more
General Information about Cafeteria Purchases
1. Cafeteria purchase details are usually updated by the cafeteria by the end of... more
How can I change my student's PIN code?
To change the Meal Account ID/PIN, please contact your school's cafeteria for as... more
Where can I find my student's pin number?
Please contact your school's cafeteria in order to verify/obtain the Student/Key... more
What is a meal account ID?
A Meal Account ID / Keypad ID is used by the student to access the meal account ... more