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Changing account/contact information

My child's information is incorrect. How do I change it?
To change your child's information, such as name or school, please contact your ... more
My child graduated from school. How do I remove the student from my PayPAMS account?
To remove a student from your account, login to PayPAMS, click on ‘Add/Remove St... more
How do I stop receiving phone notifications?
If you wish to stop receiving phone notifications, please contact your district'... more
How do I change my username?
Unfortunately, PayPAMS cannot change your username once the account has been cre... more
Moved to a different school district
If you moved to a different school district, you can keep the same username and ... more
How do I change my email address on my account?
Click on ‘User Profile’ or 'Change Email' from the ‘My Account Settings’ drop do... more
How do I register with PayPAMS?
To register, please follow the instructions below: 1. Go to http://PayPAMS.com ... more